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About Us

Songs of Charisma LLC Vision:  To create Rhythm & Soul and Hip-hop hits that music lovers just can’t get enough of.

Songs of Charisma LLC Purpose:  To supply the music world with hits people want to hear over the radio, in music videos, in movies, over the internet, in their cars, and during special events.

Songs of Charisma LLC’s customers are songwriters, artist (solo and groups), producers, bands, A&Rs, record labels and music industry professionals.  We value our customers in all aspects of the music industry and our relationships with our customers.

Many songwriters and music creators would prefer to have more free time to focus primarily on the creative side of making music.  If you are a songwriter, band, singer or a music creator seeking advice on any of the following, contact us via email at or phone at (301) 339-3915.

  • Songwriting and generating ideas
  • Working through writer’s block
  • How to stay motivated during challenging times
  • Music business/Business administration
  • Business strategy
  • Song exploitation
  • Music publishing
  • Administrative music publishing deals
  • Taking care of your copyright registration