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About the Lead Songwriter

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At Songs of Charisma LLC, our teams of songwriters provide the hottest Rhythm & Soul and Hip-hop hits. Contact us for more information.

“My name is Christie Sadler and I’m the Founder and Creative Director of Songs of Charisma LLC.  I’m a songwriter and business strategist, and I go by Christie Songwriter.  I’m originally from Alexandria, Louisiana and I served on active duty in the Navy for 14 years. Songs of Charisma is a team of songwriters, music producers, business strategists and generally creative people.  Our primary office is located in Germantown, MD but our team members work from all over the country.  We focus on creating great Rhythm & Soul and Hip hop hits and our primary goal is to provide chart topping hits and music you want to hear over and over again.

I’ve always been very passionate about music and my love for words.  I can remember as young as four years old, my parents laughing because I would make up songs, often times a remixed version of something I heard on the radio or television.  Like most of you, music lives in me and it will never leave me.  Even if I leave music, I find myself coming back to it.  Distractions, life challenges and tough times couldn’t even keep me from music.  It’s a part of who I am.  I’m here to share my journey with you and possibly help you along the way of your journey.

Please check out our Music Creators Blog for tips about the music creation process and most importantly, tips on how to stay motivated to create music.  Pictures and videos of our team are soon to come.  Stay with us for an exciting journey with this thing we all love so dearly – MUSIC!”

Christie Songwriter