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We focus on creating the chart-topping Rhythm & Soul and Hip-Hop music you want to hear over and over again.

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Rhythm & Soul Songwriting

Rhythm & Soul (also known as Rhythm & Blues or R&B) is one of the most powerful genres of music. We use creativity to make authentic, timeless R&B music that speaks to the soul. Looking for a great R&B song? Need help with a project? Stuck on a set of chords? Can’t find a hook? Contact us.

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Hip Hop Music Creation

Hip hop is one of the most dominant genres of music. With great producers behind them, our writers artistically put forth great music. Need ideas for your next project? Need an R&B hook for your Hip Hop song? Dealing with writers block? Contact us.

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Business Analysis & Strategy

We value our customers working in the various aspects of the music industry. Most music creators want more time to focus on being creative. Stuck on a project? Need help strategizing or planning your next move? Need business advice or analytics? Let us help you with the business.

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We are ensuring songwriters, producers, artists and music creators receive all authorized royalties and the proper income for all songs. -CEO

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